OnionEyes. New member from UK ( Well kind of )

Hi Chaps,

I am not quite a new member i joined as MancDave sometime ago last year. The problem i had was my 2 factor authenticator stopped working. I did email the channels but got no reply. I tried numerous times to log in but 2FA would not work. Although i was using it for months before. With no issues. Although i was getting emails of new threads and summaries to the registered email. Very strange.

So i have rejoined now and using the name OnionEyes. Happy to be back. I am a bit dubious now to set up Google 2FA again. Incase it happens again.


Can’t wait to read through all the threads and catch up.

Welcome back David! Sorry you had that hassle.

Personally, I only use 2FA where security is really important, eg banks, crypto trading and such. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if somebody could login here and impersonate me, and I doubt that anyone would want to anyway! :grin:

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Good to see you back David :+1:

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Welcome on board.

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Welcome back @OnionEyes,

may I ask what channels you did try and got no reply? I’m pretty sure we can resolve this problem.