Orbital - A Cross-Chain Community-Centered Project on the Cardano and Algorand Chain

Project introduction
Name: Orbital
Description: This is a utility token project designed to be handed out to the community.
The project is entirely controlled by the community.
Rewards are given out through weekly rewards to individuals who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in terms of messages sent and overall activity in the discord server.
Website: Orbital

Participate in NFT shuffles, gamenights, poker games, chess matches, and gaming competitions; all from the comfort of your home. (and win prizes too!)
You also get rewarded for spreading the project and inviting your friends to the discord server.

This project is centered around a growing community and a token that’ll keep gaining value.
Mass promotion efforts are still ongoing, and most certainly effective. Our growing discord membercount and token price tells the whole story.

Feel free to become apart of the project via checking out the link below:

We might also be creating a way for our users to monetize their discord servers - that’s for another date, when we’re at a solid membercount.

This project had begun as a token that was created in order to be given away.
This token only currently exists on the Algorand chain and will be released on the Cardano chain very, very soon.

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