Our point in history

Without the baby boomers who built the INDUSTRIAL Age with physical hard work, sweet and blood, we would not be what we are today. They ARE A GREAT GENERATION, they have set the selfless standard. As we progress in coming MONTHS, not years, they will be the ones that will need OUR support. Health, love, company. We owe it to them that suffered so much, to pay it forward. What will YOU do to “invest at all cost” to make the world a better place for a future you may never see. With that said, WHAT HAVE WE STEPPED INTO?


Pay attention and you will know. Don’t skip but watch 2:30


You mean on the edge of extinction?

We have a glass is half full and a glass is half empty debate! Regardless I am grateful for blockchain tech in general and Cardano specifically for giving mankind tools to make progress against the darkness in the years ahead.

Always the mediator. :v::pray:

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