Ouroboros Omega!

Holy smokes! The Mad men may have solved the 51% attack problem!


Yeah, the paper or the presentation should’ve been already released.

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Has anyone found either paper or presentation? You’d think if a release were ready it would be planned for the March conference, but I don’t see anything about this in the more recent abstracts.

Nope, unfortunately. I hate CH now for a while. :confounded:

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He linked this on twitter


well spotted… I didn’t look far back enough in the publishing history. (I’m guessing the “Omega” brand came later.)

This paper seems to me only about the recovery from the 51% attack and I was aware of this since last August. I thought omega is the latest Ouroboros variant, with some other features, after Chronos.

Went back to double check, Which is why i believe this post refers to “solving the 51%” the reference in the title is to the link above from Charles, it was in reply to someone asking him to explain a self healing network in 5 words. So I believe the paper as you stated was not released and the only ones that know were in that meeting.

oh, cool thx.