Outlandish YouTube titles

Someone keeps posting videos on YouTube with outlandish titles. The latest one says that ADA is going to $1000 by 2022.

Whereas I think it’s great that people are spreading the word about this amazing project, we have to be realistic about price predictions. We all know that $1000 ADA is highly unlikely.

Cardano is the best project out there, it doesn’t need this https://youtu.be/ravEjqowS_g

He’s just trying to attract views… Apparently it works… They kept on showing up on my YouTube feed until I marked the channel as not interesting.

Thanks for bringing up awareness. That YouTuber named “youth incredible” has taken many of Sebastien’s, Philippe’s and my videos along with many other Cardano videos and republishes them with crazy titles.

It is legal as far as I know, and it’s rather comical too.

Speaking of YouTube I’ve been watching a lot of the Ozzy Man Reviews stuff lately which I find quite funny. It should be noted that there is frequent use of salty language and I have a decidedly sophomoric sense of humor.

:grinning: well that explains that then! I actually thought it was Sebastian since so many of his videos have been used. I’ve even had conversations with the guy thinking it was Sebastian, I’ve been telling him off :grinning:.

Well if I thought it was Sebastian then maybe others have too, so let’s make it official… THE YOUTH INCREDIBLE VIDEOS ARE NOT SEBASTIAN! Or anyone else on the forum by the look of it.

Moan over, thanks for clearing it up :clap:t2:

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