Pakistan faces similar problems to Venezuela. How can Cardano help Pakistan?

Cardano Pakistan has been launched to solve the many problems facing Pakistan. Foremost among them is lack of inclusion of the majority in the existing Economic and Finance system. There is major exploitation in the agriculture/farm sector. Pakistan also has a lot of NGO’s working here but there is hardly any transparency or accountability. The Government and bureaucracy is clogged with waste, inefficiency, corruption and lack of transparency. Wealth distribution and Digital divide is growing in the urban vs. rural comparison. Population is growing at a rate that will severely stress resources in a few years. The justice system has double standards - one for the rich and one for the poor.

Pakistan needs CARDANO ECOSYSTEM so that the platform of opportunities is levelled to some extent.


welcome to the forum @Zbhatti … I am sure some forum readers would also be interested in reading your more detailed article, which we found when looking up some of the things you mention:

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thats nice if cardano can get a footprint in pakistan and it must be allowed by the gov of pakistan to pay/recieve ada without any hussle.@ a stage of hyperinflation where pakistan is getting to its a tool to protect your wealth against,you now can see that the rupee you can almost can use as a toiletpaper everything imported from abroad is sooo expensive nowdays ,for the normal man getting out of control.last time i was in islamabad bought a cup of ben&jerrys 500ml for my kids and at the counter i went on tilt had to pay 2150 pkr​:grin::grin: the same cup cost me in holland 5€.
bht acha hoga cardano on your mobil to pay
cardano the no 1 crypto in the world even better then btc&eth
gudafiz bhai

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How will Cardano handle the harboring terrorism factor with the Taliban in Pakistan?