Paper wallet question

Can you reuse a paper wallet after restoring it? I’m thinking of restoring a test wallet to make sure it works before sending the bulk of my assets to it.

Once you restore your paper wallet, it will lose its “cold storage” status and will act as any normal Daedalus wallet.

Assuming you want the cold storage feature, I’d suggest you create the paper wallet without restoring it. The wallet forces you to enter the 20 something keywords after you save them to make sure you got them right.

That’s your assurance.

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Thanks ADA Fan,

That really helps.

You are welcome.

Note - I tested a paper wallet restore to verified it worked well.

I’m was much more confident in the paper cold storage after seeing it work.

If you start a test keep in mind it is a time consuming process, it took 22hrs for my system to complete the restore.

cheers -

Thanks Mr. Analog,

I do feel confident now.

Bear in mind, how long it would take to restore you wallet depends on internet connection. It can take as little as 30 minutes with faster internet.

Yes, I restored a wallet I was playing around with in a little less than 30 minutes last night.

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