Paring Nano S with regenerated Linux Wallet

Hi Folks,
I’ve ditched windows as worried about security, and bought new laptop with Linux Mint. I have successfully regenerated my wallet on Linux using my 24 seed words.

On my windows 10 wallet, I split my ADA into two…half left on Daedalus and the other half to a pared Nano S wallet.

Problem…I cannot pare my Nano S to the Linux wallet. I have run the necessary subscripts from the Ledger website. I have also installed and run Ledger Live.

I can open the Nano S when paring to Daedalus, using my pin number, and go to the Cardano account but it won’t proceed. I get the usual instruction ‘Awaiting command’ or something similar and it I cannot proceed with the paring.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

some one fixed by updating the OS

Thanks Alex,

I did read that somewhere. I really like the nano s but lack confidence in it’s usability. Obviously I can use the nano seed words to regenerate the device if it goes tits up.

I’m not overly concerned because I can transfer the Ada using my Windows wallet, then spend time updating the Ledger software.

My intention is to uninstall Daedalus from Windows.

All sorted now…thanks Alex.

I updated firmware on Nano S and updated Cardano in Ledger Live manager.

I was then able to sync on Linux and generate wallet.

I then wiped out Daedalus from Windows 10. Linux is the way forward IMHO

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