Path to a million Ada

Hypothetically; how would you get to a million :ada:?
given “x” amount you currently hold what trading strategies would you employ.

Feel free to be bold and fearless…:+1:

Sell a bunch

…Sell a bunch of EOS buy ADA

You have to go risky, really risky …

ICOs! buying ICO, once its listed sell the ICO … that would be easier once ADA CL is running, as i suppose we could buy ICOs on cardano blockchain with ADA … and you play with the 40% - 30% discount on tokens if you are an early investor!

ps: it doent work for me as usually i invest in project that i understand and believe so when the time comes, i find it hard to sell my tokens , that being said, trading is not for everyone and most important thing that you must have!!! is to be cold and heartless!

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