Hi! Yesterday 11/24/2021 i tried to buy a land on PAVIA.IO.
From YOROI i sent some ADA at 3:04 UTC. I get a message from Yoroi that says “Succesfully Sent”. To my surprise the only transaction that i can see (from my Yoroi Wallet) in the cardano explorer is at 3:35 UTC
Now i cant get a land becase minting is finished.
What do you think that happened?
What would you do in my situation?

Hi there, I also missed out on the pavia v2 mint and I submitted a transaction also through yoroi within the first few moments of the sale opening. The transaction looks like it went through onto the blockchain around 58 minutes after it was ‘sent’ in yoroi. Interestingly I also tried with Daedalus around 5-10 minutes after the yoroi transaction. The daedalus transaction appeared on the blockchain 10minutes before the yoroi transaction!

Unfortunately theres nothing you can really do apart from be ready for the v3 land sale. I would recommend using a full node wallet like Daedalus and having all the information ready in daedalus except the pavia minting addressing and then paste that in as soon as it appears on the website.

There are still many plots of version 1 pavia land available on some for even less than the v2 minting price!

There are other secondary CNFT markets also you can checkout

Maybe you can try to show the transaction address to PAVIA.IO support to see if they can send back the ADA that you have sent to them.
I have same thing happened before on other NFT, the fees sent but the NFT minting has finished and the provider sent back the ADA to me but only things is that I don’t need to ask their support, they just announced that they will send back ADA on their Discord support, so you might try PAVIA support. good luck!

We had the same issue on Yoroi too… Pavia conformation the sale after about a minute, verified on chain about 50min later but no joy.
Wouldn’t bother trying Pavia direct as they weren’t dealing with the minting or transactions, the guys at Vegas Staking Pool were doing this. I know that they had about $4mil of transactions to return so may take a little while, be assured that if you haven’t received the returned ADA to your wallet it should be very soon.
NFT sales of decent collections, regardless of the network, always seem to be a mad scramble to the top…
Can always check Vegas Pool out on Twitter if you’re having issues, they’ve been updating on there. Also, you’ll have more joy this way than contacting the Pavia team.

Hope its all sorted now either way.

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