Payment Channels Development?

Hey all,

I’m interested in building payment channels on Cardano, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there are already others working on this. I’ve seen IOHK has a few research papers on the subject, but I haven’t been able to find information online regarding implementation details. Does anyone know what the best resources are for finding this information?

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is this topic related to layer 2? Enter the Hydra: scaling distributed ledgers, the evidence-based way - IOHK Blog

Thanks for the response @laplasz. Yes, I am referring to Layer 2. I’m interested in Hydra but it strikes me as quite ambitious and I’m not aware of any delivery dates, which is why I want to look into Payment Channels specifically. I view payment channels as a building block in the same evolution of off-chain scaling.

I’ve been playing around in the playground to 1) learn Plutus and 2) understand what a payment channel would look like conceptually. There are many pieces missing missing but feel free to take a look: GitHub - brh28/cardano-payment-channels: Simple Payment Channel implementation(s) using Plutus

Payment channels on Bitcoin are bi-directional (Alice can pay Bob and Bob can pay Alice). The contract above is for a uni-directional payment channel which I believe simplifies the problem and reduces the need for time-locking - though likely requires more on-chain settlement.

But I’m curious if anyone else in the Cardano community is interested in similar work

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