I am even more ambivalent about doubling K now since Cardano Foundation has undermined this K parameter’s very meaning. As I said in this other post

The simple fact is that the Cardano design architects have this notion that the network should gravitate towards a certain number of single owner saturated pools. This concept is embodied in the K parameter.

I don’t see much point in increasing K if the voice of the community, which is supposed to be represented by Cardano Foundation, is going to green-light multi-pool operation. Multi-pool operation undermines the entire meaning of the K parameter. It has already proven difficult to dis-incentivise multi-pool operation though economic incentives alone built into the protocol design. Now with some very poorly chosen words, Cardano Foundation has undermined the other methods the community had to dis-incentivise multi-pool operation, namely social consensus.

I think as a community we really need to sort out what we believe decentralisation means first, before we push for the K parameter to be changed.

If you believe that stake pool operation should be decentralised then you really need to push back hard against what the Cardano Foundation has published on their website and in this other post.