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Hi Guys,

im up to this part on the PGP for the Daedalus Wallet secure install process.

o Allow network access to ‘dirmngr’, if the prompt arises
o Search for

I have allowed Kleopatra and dirmngr through on my anti virus, but whenever i put in, it will go blank and search for a split second then find nothing, so cannot progress past this step.

Any ideas? I saw maybe firewall allow but I have already tried this to no avail.
I have also reinstalled and still the same, doesn’t come up with anything when putting in the signing authority.


Same problem viewed here and was not resolved, used all recommendations on there such as checking all certificates is selected and checking for new updates which there was none.

Fixed - uninstalled + deleted the files and redownloaded them from

Hi, I have the same problem with you, I search for and nothing happens. You mean that you fixed the problem of verification by unistalling daedalus or the GNUPG package? What does “allow network access to ‘dirmngr’, if the prompt arises” mean?
Thank very much!

No I only needed to reinstall from here then tried again and the signing authority showed up on Kleopatra once re-downloaded.

Didn’t need to touch Daedalus or GNUPG, that can stay.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your kind reply! Unfortunately nothing changed, I tried to uninstall and re-install from but signing authority didn’t showed up. Probably, there is a problem with my pc.
I lost so much time, I will try to install yoroi instead.

I would then uninstall it all and just reinstall both EXE files and then

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I also manually allowed on my anti virus, dirmngr.exe kleopatra.exe ggr4win.exe and daedalus and cadano node exe files

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