Phish phans for ADA

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We are everywhere! Love to promote ADA in any way I can…love to spread the love.

Please invite others.


Here is a way to promote ADA. Just released the Abra app for smartphones. It is a beautiful app the is essentially an exchange with initially 13 coins and adding more. However they have neglected to include Cardano (ADA). I have suggested they do so via their online chat. Ada advocates should swamp them with this request. If this app also become a debit card it will be a game changer. If not ADA still needs to be included.

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I’ll check it out first chance I can


I had a recent revelation today . . . Concerning the Crypto Top 20. Has anyone ever noticed that the charts are almost identical for most Cryptos in the Top 20? Institutional Investing Coming In / Pulling Out simultaneously on many all at once?

I think the charts are not showing any institutional money, just crypto players and miners at work that have nothing else to do other than work at making money in crypto, there is surely a steady stream of incoming fiat but a few hundred million dollars would get sucked into the Pow vacuum as soon as it hits the market and the investors that invested would not evenput more than a small bounce on it, crypto is still waiting for the institutions to come play.

Maybe . . . whatever it is, it seems the buying and selling are simultaneous

So much for diversification right? I think its a bunch of bots trading bitcoin ratios.

I need to go to a Phish concert.

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Bots . . . Russian Bots!!!


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Generally Bots rule the trading platforms, I should’ve bought one myself maybe?

I was afraid of getting a russian bitcoin mining bot though,lol! :joy::joy:




I was just thinking how much of the world is on auto pilot!

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