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Hello! My name is Michael from Austria in Western Europe, i am 35years old and the first Time i heard about Cardano was arround 11.2017… I bought ADA for arround XX Euro @80cents :kissing_heart::joy_cat: but thats ok, i believe in Charles Hoskinson and i believe i the Cardano-Emurgo-IOHK, a way more than in my Basic Christian Religion, since than i bought arround… XXX ADA… Also i got X Ether and X Bitcoin… Some of other Altcoins as well also some Airdrop Tokens from Mining one and a half year for Ethereum with my 6card Setup… So i was interested in the Cryptospace as well as i support the Anonymous Interest’s in beeing Decantralised and say “hey F–U--System”… I got some questions for u guys and girls out there… To start i ask… Why is so much request arround the web for the Ledger and other Hardware wallet support? I trust in Daedalus and my Paper wallets as well, so why should anyone like me switch to a Hardware wallet? Is there a way to become a Special Cardano supporter in any way? I have no kids and a lot of time, but only official work… I share youtubes and other stuff but i now ask about working in any way officialy for the Project maybe with a small sellary in ADA? I hav time to spend hours and hours for everything thats requested… I also got a full time job for XX a month sellary but in my country full time means only 7 hours on 5 days a week… I hobe there will be as much as possible comments on my post so i can sort out different views about my Position… Thank u all for ur Time…

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Hi Michael, welcome! There will be other comments but a few quick things: most people around here would advise against publicizing how much crypto you have, so you don’t invite hacking attempts. Also, paper wallets are good but hardware wallets, though also very secure, are much more convenient. I would certainly not both publicize my holdings and use a hot wallet (unless maybe for quite small amounts)! As for work, there is supposedly going to be some compensation for (some) Ambassadors in future and there are careers opportunities on the CF and IOHK (probably also Emurgo) websites.


Welcome the the forum
A suggestion, it’s very serious!
Avoid talking about how much you hold in ADA … many from this forum would advise the same

Hi glad to have you Join the forum. As other said probably a good idea to edit out the amounts in your original post.

Regarding hardware wallet support, they offer an extra layer of security and prevent remote access attacks as you have to have the hardware wallet plugged in and enter a pin before you can spend coins. Hardware wallets do not protect you from fishing attempt and bogus wallets that ask you to reveal your private key however so you still need to be very careful. I would recommend having a separate laptop that is only used for crypto and powered off in a secure location.

Because there is no remedy if you get hacked it pays to be very cautious.

First off welcome to the forum! Second you have a beautiful country. I lived in an apartment in Wien for about 6 months a few years back and would love to make it back there someday. Third I wont beat a dead horse but I agree with the others about posting too much information. Fourth along with the other suggestions I would also say to try and connect with your closest Cardano meet up group and do some networking, there might be some opportunity to contribute through the group.

I cant edit the original post, because i got no permission… My nearest Cardano meetup group is in Switzerland… About 10hours with car :astonished::rofl: I am not that much afraid of getting hacked… If Daedalus is Secure (in what i believe) there is no need to be worried… No matter if i have 2000 or 2.000.000 ADA in my Wallet… The rest of my System is also secured and not at home, its also not connected to my email i am using here and also no on the same network… So what? I am not afraid… Its useless to believe that i am a Dumbass and talk about my 200.000 Cardano in Public for no Reason, if there is a potentially Possible way to hijack my stuff :rofl::rofl::+1: So thank u all for, be continius Warning others about their “getting Hacked possibilities”… It’s nice to hear that you are afraid about my Potatoes :+1::+1:

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Surprised to hear that, I believed everyone could always edit their own posts, but anyway I’ve done it for you.

I’m afraid your faith in Daedalus is misplaced, people using it have been hacked and lost substantial amounts. The opening was not in the program but in the operating system, but it comes to the same thing as regards your ADA.

Ok… Thank u for ur edit :kissing_heart: Now i sleep better? Maybe, probably not because i was not afraid… But i understand your Fears… … You want not, that anyone bring the Phishing Kids here in our Community so i am glad with your decission to edit my Primary Post.

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Hello Michael! Great having you onboard! The Cardano community is second to none! All the best!

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