Pool Introduction [CDDPL] Cloned Dodo Pool

Cloned Dodo is a recently created stake pool. We at Clonded Dodo will be creating educational content related to Cardano. We will share our YouTube channel soon.
We look forward to sharing knowledge and learnings as we expand our own.

Pool Details
Ticker: CDDPL
Pledge: 1500 (will increase when possible)
Fixed Fee: 340
Variable Fee: 1%
Website: cloneddodo.com

Relays:x4 at 16GB each
Core:x1 at 16Gb

We are a small but enthusiastic team who are fully energized by the breath/depth and potential of Cardano and wish to be a part (even if small) for the long run.

We at Cloned Dodo are very excited to be part of the Cardano Community. We look forward to working within the community and contributing to the Cardano ecosystem as a stake pool operator.

Please support us as we start our journey.

We are also fully energized by Cardano’s ethos regards helping and giving back to the world and to that end 20% of any rewards we earn after running costs will be donated to Charities supporting Mental Health or Research in to brain disorder such as ALS, Altzimers etc.

In closing we would like very much to thank the community in answering our post/questions, creating the many Youtube videos that clarified issues, also great thanks to the Team at Guild Operators for the great works on CNTools. Without all of these great resources and support we at Cloned Dodo would probably still be struggling to get off the ground.
Thank you again.
Cloned Dodo Team