Pool Mantis ist Not found in daedalus

Since start of Last Epoch Pool Mantis cannot BE found in the Pool list. My Delegation iscshown AS “unknown”. Yoroi dies Show ist - will my Delegation still Work properly? Idelegated already to another Pool but thus will BE active in 2 or 3 Epoche.

Sorry but Auto correction with a German Setting does crazy Things

Hi there, I am able to see MANT in my versions of Daedalus (two different machines), plus it shows in Yoroi wallet. I do not know why it would not show in your daedalus. Rest assured that the pool is operating and has produced 5 blocks today. Maybe some issue that IOHK needs to look at for the SMASH server?

If anyone else is reading this post then could you please comment where MANT is showing in your list? It is at position #28 on my screen.

I can confirm MANT and MATN2 are showing in Daedalus. Check to be sure you have the latest version of Daedalus installed. Sometimes turning it off then turning it back on corrects anomalies. Delegation is written to the blockchain, so wallet problems won’t effect it.


See my list i cannot find Mantis in the Pool list
If i Search for mant i See only mant2
My Delegation s to mant are shown AS unknown

Daedalus Version 2.4.1 Auto Update

Ok for me, I had a similar problem with another Pool (BIRD) which I was staking to which disappeared from within Daedalus for a whole Epoch so assume there’s an issue/bug somewhere that’s causing. If it goes beyond current Epoch I’d suggest logging a support ticket so can be investigated.


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Epoch 231 Shows all normal, Delegation is’ shown, rewards i will See later but i Hope that everything ist
in Butter now

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