Pooltool showing "e1" at beginning of owner addresses after updating registration certificate

Pool Info:
Name: United States of ADA
Ticker: USA
Pool ID: 7138a8f6e3983e7be1e4a48cf7915964f6e7d1aa19a6407d00057e68

I recently updated my pool registration certificate using the Coin Cashew guide to add a hardware wallet as a co-owner. Actually, I swapped out one hardware wallet with a different one as the co-owner and the reward account. Pooltool is showing the correct reward account, but both of the owner accounts have the prefix “e1” before their correct account.

My understanding is that this is a BECH32 artifact. However, I am concerned that the mismatch between the listed owner accounts and the actual owner accounts delegated to the pool will cause these accounts to not qualify as owners for purposes of verifying whether the pledge has been met. Pooltool used to show the owner/delegators as “Owner” in the delegator list. But now both of the owner accounts are not tagged as owners (they have both been delegated to the pool for months).

Any thoughts on what is causing this? I listed the same .vkey file “hw-stake.vkey” as both the pool-reward-account-verification-key-file and the pool-owner-stake-verification-key-file when updating the registration certificate, so I’m not sure why pooltool would add “e1” to the owner accounts but not the reward accounts.


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The only issue is that u pledge an amount greater than your balance, but u only decreased the pledge to 10 ADA

and also there is another pool with the same ticker USA (adapools.org it seems not showing both)

Thanks Alex. With the epoch change, it looks like the owner accounts are now both showing the correct address. One of my owner accounts has 46 ADA, so I think we’re good with meeting the pledge.

I did notice the other USA pool pop up recently. I’m planning on reaching out to the owner as soon as their website is up and running to see if he/she will consider changing the ticker since I had it first.


I am having the same issue with my Owner Account on pooltool.io after updating my pool registration cert. You mentioned that it corrected after an epoch change? Was there anything else you needed to do?

Thanks is advance!