Port of Block Production Node

I got some issue this morning regarding connection to between my relay and my BP node.
My BP node x.x.x.x : 1000
My Indonesia Relay y.y.y.y : 2000
My Japan Relay z.z.z.z : 3000

I’m using gliveview for monitoring both of my node and my relay
In my BP Node
I got
OUT : y.y.y.y:2000 and z.z.z.z:3000 -->correct
IN : x.x.x.x: 12345 → correct

In my Indonesia Relay
I got
OUT: x.x.x.x:1000 and some other relay → correct
IN : y.y.y.y: 54321 and some other relay → *a

In my Japan Relay
I got
OUT: y.y.y.y:2000 and other relay -->*b
IN: y.y.y.y: 67890 and other relay -->*c

So, my question is

  1. Should in *a there should be also z.z.z.z? Because I also add z.z.z.z in my topology.json
  2. Should in *b there should be also x.x.x.x? Because I also add x.x.x.x in my topology.json
  3. Should in *c there should be also both x.x.x.x and z.z.z.z?

Is that something wrong with this?
And something bothering me is that when I check on yougetsingal.com the port of x.x.x.x:1000 is closed.
Is it suppose to be open or close?
Thank you


the first you should check why BP node and Indonesia Rely connects to itself.
BP node:
IN: x.x.x.x: 12345 → that is not correct

and since the Indonesia node could connect to x.x.x.x:1000 that means that port of BP node is open.

Please share all the topology.json files you created…

So is the BP node port should be open?

Yes - BP port should be opened for relays to able to connect.
Ahh but where is your BP node - probably in the same machine as Indonesia Relay, isn’ it?

Okay, I know what’s wrong… It’s the UFW, I restart, and viola… All good…


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