Possible future use-cases for ADA: how about OpenBazaar?

:face_with_monocle:Did you know that, Dionysis Zindros (the bright minded man working on #Cardano blockchain tech), is also the founder&dev. of #Openbazaar [https://openbazaar.org/ ?
A free to use, decentralized market place where you can buy goods/services with crypto (BTC, LTC, BCH only for now).

This free and decentralized online bazaar will be what Bitcoin is to the old financial system, what BitTorrent was to the movie/entertainment industry, and what the digital camera did to Kodak’s film industry…and so on.

Rick McCracken, the CardanoEffect is testing it out as we speak.:+1:
And if you’re interested in how this open source and decentralized market place works yourself, check out openbazaar’s info-video here: https://youtu.be/VzlerMJMOu8

This would be actually be a great additional usecase for #Cardano & ADA, apart from the ‘Buying real-estate with ADA in Japan’ - which you can do here: https://jithd.co.jp/ada/ (and others). :upside_down_face:

What if ADA could be used on this OpenBazaar platform?
For example, and in addition: Cardano stake pools could utilize it, open up an uncensored, free of use web shop, providing goods/services/discounts to its pool members. The possibilities are endless…!:+1:

So,…WHEN #ADA :nerd_face:?!


I will be exploring it for a while, testing, checking privacy and security at the User Interface level, etc… So far the memory usage on the Mac OSX version is light = 460 MB RAM, and CPU usage is medium with 5% idle and 30-40% with tasking, occasional spikes to 67% which I think is normal for apps acting as a server as well. Not bad for a 2013 Xeon processor and OB is running alongside other apps including Daedalus, Virtual Box, iTunes and Safari, with no apparent issues so far. Newer i7 processors should run Open Bazaar quite well.

The installation of OB was quite simple, similar to other 3rd party apps on a Mac. The setup of my own interface was also very simple, anyone could do it. The look and feel of the app is like a hybrid between Etsy and Amazon. I am not familiar with OB yet to properly assess the buying and selling experience.

There are currently 11,754 items listed for sale with “All listings” and “Any” selected.

The currencies used by Open Bazaar at the moment are BTC, BitCoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash. I would be happy to see Ada added to that list in the future.



Here is a screen capture in case any one wants to see how it looks without having to download it first.

And link to a recent keynote by CEO Brian Hoffman

I’m still working on it and I have a store front set up. Still looking at:

#1 Security - it has built in wallets, does in have or need a security audit?
#2 Privacy - shipping addresses are in there, which is good, how visible is it?
#3 The current user base is relatively small.
#4 They do have reddit and telegram channels.
#5 How do the wallets / payments work?

Here is what I’m thinking long term “Why wait for Ebay adoption when you can become your own Ebay”

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I’ve also just set up a ‘Shop’ and trying out the different functions and settings.
I do intend to sell some stuff (in the not too distant future). Would be great to follow up on that later on.

Cardano community could definitely help with the getting adoption…no wait! ADAption(:daedalus::smiley:) part. Cardano is all about decentralization, so this OpenBazaar decentralized marketplace is the perfect example. I highly suggest others to look into it and try it out!

Not ‘‘What can the community do for me?’’, but: ‘‘What can I do for the community?’’

Read up on it, use it, learn with it. Then spreading this knowledge and awareness are always two great things to start off with!

Let’s keep this initiative rolling! :smile:

Just something I found out about privacy and other settings:

You can use a Tor connection (for whoever likes to use Tor)

Also, you can go to Settings > Advanced and then display your 12 words recovery phrase for your wallet (in case your computer fails or something else happens).
I recommend anyone using this app for selling/buying to write down their 12 words like they would with any other cryptocurrency wallet.

Apart from other cryptocurrencies, you can buy ADA with BTC on the OpenBazaar as well…
I’m a bit hesitant to post this on the forum, even though it seems ‘safe’ to me, I would act with extreme caution (like always), whenever purchasing/interacting with people/entities you don’t know (yet). Whoever installed the app and has an OpenBazaar account, can try to follow this link:


What do you think @rickymac? Is it safe to use?