Possible to create Best Practice environment for scam prevention?

I have found the scam report useful to read through but I think perhaps there could be a best practice or risk mitigation to scamming thread? One reason I have been overly hesitant in jumping into any discussions is due to the system vulnerabilities I have run into. Perhaps ranked Tier lists (Best to worst S to D etc).

  1. Desktop OS (Linux, Mac OS, Win, which versions etc).
  2. Mobile OS
  3. VPN (If applicable)
  4. Wired/Wireless (vulnerabilities of wireless which I would find interesting)
  5. Best practices to mitigate phishing links
  6. Possible known site vulnerability wiki
    A. Youtube: Common to have previous Hoskinson interviews juxtaposed to a livestream session to appear as authentic.
    B. “Today only send 50, get 150” etc.
    C. Possible source credibility guide.

Typing this, I think the source credibility guide actually could have some good utility if it doesn’t already exist. Just as some documents have watermarks, is it possible to “watermark” a protocol that would lessen the likelihood of scams within this ecosystem? Perhaps a link to a site verification that could become standardized even on Youtube platforms. If I had a YT channel for example, in the introduction I could link to a pool or whatver and then write in the description or mention to viewers the specific badge to verify to authenticate myself whilst also warning of the channels that do scam which creates the mistrust. It would also likely increase site engagement simultaneously.