Potential Typos on Weekly Report?

“Implementation of paper wallet certificate generator for Cardano wallet kicked off. This feature will be delivered within the scope of the Daedalus 0.10 and the Cardano 1.2 release. Testing for the upcoming Daedalus 0.9 and Cardano 1.1 release was completed, and the release is ready to be shipped. The team participated in the Daedalus roadmap planning workshop where the longer-term roadmap was defined.”

Do we mean Daedalus 1.0?

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Current version of Daedalus is 0.8.

Upcoming version is Daedalus 0.9, which is ready to be shipped.

Next version will be Daedalus 0.10, which will have paper wallet certificate generator.

Edit: Next version will be Daedalus 1.0, which will have paper wallet certificate generator.

@bearbearbowl has a point…you don’t increment from .8, to .9 to… .10.

That’s a complete reloop to the bottom from .9.

It should go .8, .9, “1.0” if it is incrementing by .1 intervals.

Looks like a typo to me. (though humorously also a typo in the title of the thread about typoes with Weekely :slight_smile:


@MegaWind You are right!

@bearbearbowl Sorry! I didn’t notice that.

Is 0.10 a valid version? Yes, it is a valid version assuming they are using semantic versioning. In semantic versioning, X.Y.Z means Major.Minor.Patch where X, Y, and Z are non-negative integers. Therefore, Y=10 does make sense here.

Is it a typo? Probably not. So far, I do not see any pull request that is related to version 1.0 or 0.10 is created in the code repository. Since “paper wallet certificate generator” does not sound like a major change to me, I would say that bumping the version from 0.9 to 0.10 is reasonable.

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