Presenting [SHOP] - fees will fund development of cardano integrations for e-commerce

The SHOP pool will use all reward fees to fund the development of integrations between e-commerce platforms and the cardano blockchain.

We strive to expand the ecosystem by enabling people to exchange goods and services using cardano with NO FEES. Every other integration that exists out there charges businesses or customers at least 2% of the sale price, and it all happens in a black box that no one can look into.

We are going to create truly open-source and free integrations for e-commerce, to help enable the use of ADA and native assets running on top of Cardano. The first platform we are targeting is Shopify which supports 500k online businesses and processes 870k dollars each minute in sales.

Here is the github repository where the source code will be published:

If you guys like the idea, please consider supporting me through delegation to the SHOP pool.



Just letting you know I reduced the pool fees to 1.74%. No point charging more from not enough rewards.