Presenting Whirpool [WRLP] - 2% fee, min fixed cost, 350K pledge

Whilrpool [WRLP] - 2% fee, minimum fixed cost (340 ADA), pledge 350K

Hello Cardano community,

We are delighted to present the Whirlpool !
Hosted on a high end specs server (16 GB RAM, 8 CPU, 400 Mbs) in a data center located in Europe.

Our goal is to bring an affordable staking service to all ADA enthusiasts.

We are a team of engineer specializing in software, network and finance. We have been involved in crypto currencies since 2015 and in Cardano since 2017 and we plan to stick around for the years to come.

We wish you a happy staking !


Awesome. Happy staking team :+1:

Good luck with your pool!