Price volatility and affect on Dapp service pricing

Hi! I have tried to search for an answer to this question but haven’t found anything yet, apologies if it’s already been answered.

For Dapps that are being developed that will depend on multiple services that each have their own tokens that fluctuate in value, how will that work when prices are as volatile as they are in crypto? For example a Dapp that will depend on an oracle and services from SingularityNet etc. A service on SingularityNet could cost .2 AGIX, but if the AGIX price shoots up then the cost of the Dapp using that would also either go up or have to pay more for the AGIX service. Does this mean that costs will be calculated dynamically for Dapp services as its dependency prices change?
How does the future use of stablecoins like Djed fit into this? Will stablecoins be used in the future for these kinds of services and the actual tokens like AGIX and Charli3 be seen as more of a ‘stock’ price for that service? Am I too narrow in my thinking and is there a wholly other perspective I need to consider?