Problem connecting Ledger to Yoroi, Transaction is stuck

Hi there,

today a problem occured with Ledger Nano S on the Brave browser and the Yoroi Wallet extension.

Basically the communication between Ledher Nano S and the yoroi wallet is somehow stuck and I cannot send transactions. I am waiting but nothing happens like in the video shown below.

Ledger Nano S has the Cardano app installed and opened during the transaction.
My Ledger device is just displaying “Waiting for commands…”

Any suggestions?

press both buttons at the same time

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Thanks for your reply Tomek. But it is not working. Still same issue.

It seems to be a Ledger Nano S error or the error is Chromium related.
The Yoroi Log is showing no errors.

I checked on 2 different computers.
Tomek´s advice with 2 buttons pressed at the same time worked on a windows PC. Transaction was succesful.

On a MAC it does still not work. Mac with newest Brave Browser.
I also checked an older version of Brave because of Chromium breaking the U2F USB protocol with a recent update, but it does not work either.

can you contact support in :pray: so we can help you

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Thanks emurgo_nico, I did it.