Problem restauring my Yoroy Wallet

Hello, I had my Yoroy Wallet installed in my old computer and I try to restore it in the new one, after a while far away from the cryptos.
I’m really worried cause I try to restaure with my 15 words but the wallet proposed is simply not the same that the one I had.
I’m pretty sure to have inserted well the words. I have the list, I have checked it again and again.

What can I do ?

Thanks a lot for your help if you can.

What do you mean by “proposed wallet”?
I would restore my wallet with the 15 words on Eternl and forget about Yoroi. That’s what I did more than one year ago with my wallets.

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After writing the 15 words, 2 wallets are proposed to validate.
Eternl, OK i I’ll try now.
Will I find my stakes there ?

Ok, in fact the wallet seems to have changed, is it possible ? But all my ADA are there.
I had delegated my ADA and I have received rewards, how do I do to undelegate ?

If you want to delegate to a different stake pool, you don;t need to undelegate, just delegate to the new pool. In Eternl, that is in the “Staking” section.
If you really want to undelegate, first withdraw your rewards, then go to settings and select the last option, “Delete or Un-stake wallet”, and then “Un-Stake / De-Register Wallet”.

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Ok, many thanks ! :slight_smile:

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