Problems after Alonzo Hard Fork about to miss a block

Hi tayaya.
As I mentioned, I just wiped my node’s OS and rebuilt it because I needed it working ASAP.

I’m working with some others who are having the same problem. One theory is a KES key mismatch caused by the hard fork.

Would you mind trying to switch out for new KES keys and node.cert?

I really don’t see how that should effect the connection between two machines, but we are trying to systematically troubleshoot this.

Are you synced with NTP “network time protocol over port 123? This tripped me up once when I had unexplained communication issues.

I had the same issue in epoch 289 and resynced chrony and opened port 123 Udp. Worked like a charm. But after 290, my nodes are acting up and still trying to find a fix, but im getting there… We aren’t minting blocks and are not assigned due to our low stake but if all else fails, I may have to wipe the OS as @mdsullivan