Producer Server says its a relay?

Why does my producer show “RELAY-MAINNET” at the top in LiveView?

How many peers should my producer have? I think I have the topology correct, seems to be limiting my peer list to only my relay, but I see a random port on there from my relay. I have the port set for 6000, but its also giving me an inbound connection on the 37899 port. Both are same IP from the relay, so that seems ok, but I don’t have the port open on my firewall, how is it getting in there?

Besides the topology, what makes a Producer a producer?


The keys key… u need to modify the start node script for Producer

What guide did u used?


Well. I watched a video. Several honestly. Eden Garden maybe?

I think I have a startup script starting the node. I can go back and look over it.

I also used this alot.

Cardano Node and CLI (

nano env file… what did u wrote to pool name ?
Can u show me?


here u need to add the folder name from priv/pool
ls -l

It is case sensitive; Also delete #from the begining of the line

I already have that. That’s the name of the pool I registered. When I finished registering the pool on the core server/producer, it told me to go to the env file and update it.

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Go to cd $CNODE_HOME/priv/pool

ls -l

How did u started the node?

cd $CNODE_HOME/priv/pool

I get in return: Bacon

Change it to lowercase in my env file?

Add in env exactly Bacon and restart the node

You have no idea how good it feels to see Core on there. Thank you so much.

What about the 35873 port? is that okay?

Yes, it is fine… is the local random port fort ougoing connection…

Source port 35783 - destination port Relay port

How long before it should start handling Blocks?

Hard question… I don’t know can happens in 2 epochs but also can happens in 1-2 month

for 1 block/epoch average… a pool needs ~ 1-1,5M ADA delegated

Is there a calculator that will give an estimate on my chances to get one?

I plan to be at 50k pledged in a few weeks.