Project idea with native token, is cardano suitable for it?

Hi All,
I am developing a PoC for a pre-mined token but i am kind of lost in the woods to which blockchain is the most suitable for my project.
Cardano is one of the blockchains that got my attention
Hopefully someone with more knowledge then me can point me in the right direction.

  • the goal is to have a token that is being backed with certain certificates of value

The idea behind the token is to use it with microtransactions and which each transaction a percentage/fee is paid.
That fee is then invested in real world assets which generate specific certificates of value (due to NDA i can not go into to much detais yet)
These certificates then can be tied to token holders.
So whith each use of the token (using the payment app on phone or in a webshop) more certificates are generated.
How to tie the certificates to the token i am not sure yet what would be the correct way.
Either put them all within an ONG and simply publish what certificates have been generate or come up with some idea to put them into smart contracts or even NFT’s

So what i am looking for in a blockchain is

  • low network fee (besides the token fee of the token itself)
  • reasonable transaction times (payment app and ecommerce stores)
  • Proof of Stake
  • Smart Contracts and NFTs

If i understand correctly is that Cardanos native tokens are not smart contracts like ethereum/binance so the question is also, how would i accomplish my idea on cardano

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good question and a great Idea!
I find my self in a similar position and at the moment I feel there are chains such as harmony, binance chain and solana that offer extremely fast transaction on a very very low fees.
However my impressions are very shallow and I cant say with certainty which one will be best for you.