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A question regarding proof of stake; from what I understand the reward for putting your stake at disposition of the system is proportional , yet random via a lottery system?
First question: why not make it directly proportional without “randomising” the process? Or rather, what is the added value of randomising the process?
(Except for the feeling of having won the lottery every time the system choose your stake😀?)
Second question: what is or was the difficulty in using proof of stake in the first place instead of proof of work?
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My two cents…

I think that is all about security.

  1. A few node will confirm transactions and get even more rewarded getting even more “proportional power”
  2. We are at the early stage of block chain. People are discovering better way to model the technology. Also because the difficult to write the algorithm that run POS.



It has also relation with the security of the system, lottery is a lot harded to predict, you should watch the video on ouroboros POS.


You can read more about Ouroboros/Proof of Stake here:
The link also has the IOHK video on the how the Ouroboros algorithm works too. Might help clarify things :smiley:

Hold it like its gold

thank you Maki
i started watching the video several times but kept getting interrupted.
Will make that my mission today…
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the randomness is essential to incentivizing the “minters” (stakeholders) to participate in the network, thereby decentralizing it, which is what makes it secure and immutable.

I think anyway :slight_smile: