Protocol updates after Shelley mainnet

Hi everyone,
I have a doubt,
After Shelley mainnet in q1 2020, Cardano will be decentralized, so, how will iohk update the protocol without Voltaire governance? for Goguen & Basho concretely.
Been totally decentralized, who decides?

research governs the protocol… IOHKs direct influence on cardano will conclude only after the fundamental components of cardano have been implemented, including governance

I agree, research is the way and IOHK will develop the protocol until the governance phase is done, Cardano needs the influence of IOHK.
But the question is not that,
the question is, how will IOHK do it?
how will IOHK update the protocol of something totally decentralized?
With Bitcoin we have the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), and the same for ethereum with EIP.


IOHK are working on the proposal system at the moment, charles touched on it in his keynote at the recent event in bulgaria

but this will only be relevant after governance is launched and after IHOK finishes it’s obligation / concludes the roadmap

as for the nodes themselves, that is the responsibility of each person running them, if they want to maintain the network they’ll need to ensure their version of the node is up to date

A BIP only describe the process in terms of the information put forward and procedures to accept or revise the sugestion, for example

There is a lot more than this needed and I cannot fathom we we as a community are not more busy thinking on this and why the CF is not putting more research into this.

Okey, I understand that it is the responsibility of each person running the node to be up to day. Thank you for your clarification.
Hope most the nodes want and don’t forget to update the protocol.

Like most projects for now the core development team (in this case IOHK) will put out an update and it will be up to everyone to adopt it to be able to continue to operate.

While the development of these updates is still centralised, the network will continue to be decentralised if everyone applies updates.

There will of course be some who don’t update their instance and over time they will realise that they are not actually participating on the active chain. It can certainly be frustrating if you miss notifications and don’t get updated in time. This will be especially important for pool operators.

The introduction of governance and a treasury will of course be interesting, as an open question is still whether changes that may have been funded for development through a CIP will be adopted by the majority. If operators aren’t happy with the results of the change (maybe through observing results on the testnet) then they may still choose not to deploy it. Maybe the governance process won’t just be about what development to fund, but also whether to deploy it.

Interesting times