Proving a particular policy script constraint i.e 'before'

Yes, after the first time it’s fast.

Also, I’m making progress on using IOHK’s haskell.nix system for this build. Once that’s working, installing should be as simple as nix-build -A mantis.

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FYI, the tool now builds using IOHK’s haskell.nix system. I also added better installation instructions and more documentation about the configuration file.

nix-build -A mantis.components.exes.mantis -o build

Hi @bwbush i’ts been a while but today i continued and got it working. I also dockerized your project: GitHub - wutzebaer/mantis-docker

Maybe i’ll use it later for to retrieve the policies of nft’s.

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Thanks for the news and the links. Please feel free to submit issues if you’d like additional features or find problems. In particular, I could create a REST API for some or all of the command-line functions.

The development branch of the tool has a couple of new features: real-time monitoring of new scripts, of transactions at an address, or of transactions involving a specific token or policy. I’ll include that in the main branch after I’ve documented the new features.

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