Public address in Yoroi

So… I recently created a paper wallet in Yoroi/ledger and sent a small amount to gift a friend. And as always Yoroi changed my public address to protect my privacy. I know this is a feature not a bug, but now I don’t have a public address that I can plug into seiza to monitor my full balance. All the public addresses show different amounts in the explorers.
So here’s the question, is there any way to “turn off” that feature? Or, any way to re-make an address that that I can put into seiza to monitor my balance without opening Yoroi?
Much thanks for your replies.

Note that Yoroi displays ‘External’ addresses only for now, not ‘Internal’. When you sent a part of input from a wallet, the design of wallet creates a new ‘Internal’ address (change) for your pending funds. There have been considerations to display these internal addresses before, but was paused at the time due to design complications - it was the intent however to move away from that design selection, to allow you to view internal addresses too.

Having said that, couple of considerations:

  • Only way you would have sent amount out of paper wallet is if you have restored it to Yoroi (thus, it would have lost the advantage of being ‘offline’)
  • For an normal wallet, if you absolutely need to look up the change address, the easiest way is to locate it from the transaction details (or if you’re familiar with “Developer tools” in Chrome, you could query Application -> IndexedDB -> Yoroi-schema -> Transaction/Addresses cached locally).

I think you missed my point, I don’t want to figure out developers tools, I just want to see my balance in whole in seiza :grinning: thanks anyway

No the UTXO model doesn’t offer any good way to turn this off. Shelley will support wallets that use the accounting model so we could offer users the choice between UTXO and Accounting to solve this but for now it’s not really possible.

We plan to add a readonly wallet mode (basically a balance checker) to Yoroi but there’s a fair amount of refactoring that needs to be done before we can provide this feature unfortunately.


Okay, thanks to both of you for your replies. It’s just a little scary when you send a small amount of ada and seiza shows your total sent ada was much much more!