Purpool [PURPL] introduction!

Greetings from Norway! My name is Halvard Sinnes and Iā€™m the node manager of Purpool [PURPL]. We have been operational since september, but launched our website in 2019. We run one single pool.

Fun fact 1: We support the collection of 10 kg of plastic waste through a blockchain startup called empower.eco. The best part is that people earns crypto for a living because of the initiative!!

Fact 2: We run one single pool.

Ask me anything or just give us a warm welcome :smiley:

TL;DR: [PURPL] Purpool | Cardano Staking

// Halvard


Welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

@purpool, welcome to the forum, glad you are with us.

From what you say about empower.eco, I agree with you that it is an excellent initiative. Nice to know that you only control one single pool, which makes me wish you the best of luck. Lately there are many new users who are joining the Cardano ecosystem, so I am sure that very soon Purpool [PURPL] will have nice numbers.