Q: Would you be interested in attending regular (monthly?) work group meetings for audit/oversight of projects on Cardano’s Project Catalyst?

Q: Would you be interested in attending regular (monthly?) work group meetings for audit/oversight of projects on Cardano’s Project Catalyst?

The goal, would be to invite a broad community effort to help shape what next iterations of post funding outcomes could be.

If you answered YES, please DM me your email where I can share with you the invite once set up. I receive ton of spam - please reference this poll. Thank you. The idea would be also to find ways how to better support projects to be successful as well as assuring compliance.

You can also check out this high level draft overview of current flow that I shared earlier. It will help with added context and perhaps gets ideas rolling in. Thank you for being here and caring about our collective future.

You can also help me retweet this call to action here if you know of people who would be interested to participate.



Hi Danny,

Do you see this as a process to audit funded proposals going forward or more so for projects that have submitted close out reports and have technically delivered the solution?


Yes. I would be interested.


Yes I’ll be interested.

Heya. Awesome - noting down. Thank you for stepping up and helping shape our collective future to figure it out together. Appreciate you.

I think there is a lot that can be explored. I am most, genuinely, interested to formalize feedback look formation. How can we learn what the lessons are learned. Both, from successes but also failures. How do we make sure that information resurfaces so that it can feed the incoming new cohort of innovators in the beginning of the entire process? Not to repeat same set of mistakes - but hopefully learn from new ones instead.


Yes,I will be interested

Hey Danny, is it really about auditing? Or more about monitoring funded proposals? Btw, I expressed my interest in your Twitter DMs. :slight_smile:

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Got it. I think we can talk about varied approaches and pathways forward. Both - audit or monitoring. I think there are varied needs for varied times/stages. Thank you for stepping up, Zoe. Appreciate you.

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Heya. Thank you - please message me your email so I can put it on the mailing list. Appreciate it.

Hello Danny,I hope this sms find you well.My email is irenechainsilver@gmail.com
Thank you.

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Got it. Thank you!

I would be interested. anerdonawire@proton.me

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Thank you! Noted.

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Danny, I may have replied via different medium. If not pleas add me in. Thanks.

Hi Dan. count me in !

Hi Danny, I am interested.

Hello Danny, I am interested too in the periodic discussions. Probably given the cool-off period, we can have a few more too.

Yes thanks Danny

Hey Danny, I’ll be interested.