Question on Max supply

Is 45billion number going to be a problem for Cardano to go beyond 1$?? Coinmarketcap showing supply as 25 billion … what happened to the remaining 25billion? So many questions… any article on total supply??

The crypto market is estimated to become a $6-7 trillion market in the next 5 years or so. If Cardano becomes one of the top 5 coins, it could have a market cap close to $1 trillion. That would put the price at around $38.57.

You need to think big and think like 8 years down the road.


awesome…thanks for the reply…

Keep in mind that the same people behind Ethereum are now developing Cardano.

ETH began life worth a few pennies of a dollar, now it’s trading in the 400-500 range.


Hey PT_Cardano, where did you find these kind of numbers for the $6-7 trillion market cap? Cheers!

I agree with above posters, this is a 5-8 year game, cardano needs the huge supply for commercialization which restricts the current value and market cap

~25bn sold for ~62mn USD in bitcoin, 20% was created as development pool given to the two Cardano entities and the development firm IOHK, leaving ~31bn. However, it was reported to coinmarket cap that the development pool was locked, which is why it is considered ‘off the table’ from the supply point of view. The remaining will be ‘minted’ through POS rewards.

There is a transparency tab on


The stock markets are around $66 trillion. NASDAQ is getting into crypto now, starting with bitcoin futures. Crypto only needs to bite 9% from the stock market to hit $6 trillion. That’s not unrealistic.


world gold market is ~$9T. all global financial instruments (stocks, bonds, unsecured and secured loans, etc) are about $300T. derivatives are between $550T and $1.4Q (quadrillion).

there’s plenty of room in there for Cardano Ada to be $100 in 5 years :wink:


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

With regards to how much the crypto market might take of off “traditional assets” here is a graphic display of the various forms of wealth. Bitcoin has actually doubled in price since this was made but you can still see it has a long way to go if it can take market share off of currencies and banks.

How can the development pool be locked? Surely they will need to sell the pools in order to fund their operations. Also just to clarify from what I’ve read so far we don’t know the exact details of the minting (proof of stake process) yet do we ?

IOHK has made a public statement about its holdings. IOHK had some obligations in Ada but those are finished. IOHK has not sold any Ada on the market to date.

The ‘lock’ is voluntary. Someone from Emurgo and Foundation will have to clarify their positions.

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Can an future escrow lock-up such as the one that Ripple just implemented yesterday be something possible for Cardano in the future for supply predictability?

I am not sure there is any difference between what IOHK did and what Ripple has done.


Hello please is cardano doing any Airdrop?

This is something the foundation could do…

But it is hard. How do you make it fair?


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