Question : What is pool leverage

Hey guys
In , there’s field called ‘pool leverage’
can any one explain what it is and how it works?
Mr. Roo [MOJO]

That is the percentage of your pledge compared to the active stake.

So when you pledge 1.000 ada and the pool has a total active stake of 10.000 ada. Your pool leverage will be 10%.

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that helps somehow to understand about your rewards…comparing the whole amount of rewards…

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thank you :slight_smile: that explains it. if pool leverage is higher does it increase the chances of reward?

Rewards increase with σ, but stop increasing once σ reaches z0, that is. once the pool becomes saturated.

If a0, (the pledge influence,) is zero, this formula simply becomes R·σ’, so it is proportional to pool stake, up to the point of saturation. For larger values of a0, the pledge s becomes more important.

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thanke mate

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