Rare Evo Uncovered: Exciting After Parties and Exclusive Gaming Experiences

Ready to go behind the scenes of a thrilling and action-packed Rare Evo event with incredible after parties and unique gaming experiences? Tune in as we chat with Rand and Wes from Rare Evo, along with their friends Hosky and Dan from ERGO and ZenGate, about the upcoming Rare Evo event in Denver, Colorado. From racing escapades to the importance of investing in yourself, this conversation is packed with insider details you won’t want to miss.

Get the lowdown on the after parties, including Friday night’s hip hop party, Saturday night’s EDM extravaganza, and the Thursday industry kickoff party featuring Kala music and Firebird music. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Join us as we explore updates from Rare Evo, including Dan’s exciting travel plans to the US and his recent trip to Sri Lanka, as well as the potential of bringing value to the Sri Lankan industry through their platform.

Finally, we’ll give you a sneak preview of the Rare Evil Gaming event, featuring Dead Blocks’ $5,000 tournament, Crypto Unicorns’ Mario Party mini games, and Million on Mars’ NFT scavenger hunt and so much more happening at the Rare Evo event. Don’t miss out – grab your tickets now at rareevo.io and use coupon code COC10 for 10% off!