Re-inventing the Gift Card/ Voucher with Cardano?

Greetings from beautiful sometimes sunny sometimes savage always South Africa
I found out about Cardano because i had a few dollars of BTC in a wallet for the last 3-4 years which actually came in handy given the NEW NORMAL that crippled many companies world wide thank goodness for the BTC price hike.
Anyway its good to be here and hope to learn more about Cardano, I have watched CH’s AMAs and a few more doccies including the rapid growth BTC usage in Nigeria.
Crypto generally only comes up in conversation when someone wants something from abroad and our banks make transactions difficult and costly or its seed purchases from Colorado or Canada that a person may not want a record of on a bank statement. Same reason i use cash to purchase cannabis, Using Crypto daily is, just not financially viable with the High TX fees even tho it would make police ops much more difficult i’d think. I’m not anti cop i just don’t see anything wrong with a willing buyer or a willing seller. Cannabis in South Africa is legal to grow and consume on pvt property selling remains illegal. With more research I sure i will be promoting Cardano in my personal capacity to the growing Mary Jane industry. From what i understand there are useful tools
attached to the Cardano network that would possibly help to make the industry more cohesive ie voting and notifications etc
Which brings me to the questions, if they seem stupid its because i don’t fully understand the tech.

What can be done to bring tx fees down?

What is Cardano doing on the ground in Africa to promote its network & service?

If a mom & pop store or a large franchise in ZA invests in Cardano creates a staking pool and Sells Gift cards / Gift Vouchers that in some way is attached to or converts to ADA. if the bearer fails to claim a product or service for its FIAT value in store within x amount of time. The voucher bearer then has to download daedalus or other to claim ADA. (voucher becomes a paper wallet)
Is this possible? would cardano sponsor point of sale promotional material…
Is it possibly create a cold wallet on a thumb drive that includes some sort of PDF or video presentation?
I looked a the gift voucher system as a way to circumvent any laws that may apply to crypto sales by a none registered FSPs. Any Saffers here know of any dogeY laws regarding Crypto currency?

The global gift cards market size was valued at $619.25 billion in 2019,
and is projected to reach $2,076.51 billion by 2027.

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