Re: Redeem ADA Rewards Cost

Now that Shelley Mainnet is running smoothly I have a couple of questions

  1. Must I redeem ADA rewards in order for those ADA earned to be counted towards my total delegated ADA?
  2. Does redeeming ADA costs transaction fee and how much?

Thank you

Hey @jiangh77

  1. No you dont have to redeem them. All your rewards are automaticly redelegated.
  2. Yes each time you “claim” your rewards you have to pay for a transaction (0,17~ ada if im correct).


Thanks Fabian, so basically I can just leave all my ADA staked, and when I want to transfer or spend my ADA then I need to withdraw / un-stake, and at that time I need to pay for a transaction fee

Can I choose how many ADA I want to withdraw?

Thank you

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