Real Use Cases

So Shelley and Gogeun are getting closer to release. This is all very exciting!

BUT, even before real use cases by smart contracts are available on Cardano, has anyone made their own ‘contract’ with Cardano?

So not long ago I got my mate into Crypto, he unfortunately isn’t quite buying ADA yet.

Well anyway, tonight we had a chinese meal and a few beers, when we went to pick up the meal we discovered they only accepted cash…

As I only had card, my mate paid. As a way to pay him back I gave him a Tangem Card and topped it up with 200 ADA for the chinese. (Hoping the tangem card will spike his interest)

This was actually exciting for me, my first ADA payment for a product (doing my bit to spread the word of Cardano, hopefully he shows his mate).

Has anyone else had a ‘contract’ as such with Cardano yet? There was no pre agreement, but still exciting.


It wont be forgotten, I could almost gaurantee that.
Years ago when BTC was really cheap I was encouraging friends and family to buy some, later when BTC was all over the news in 2017 everyone of them came back to me and had something to say about how they should have listened to me, lol!
Anymore I just let people know where I stand and how I feel about ADA - I also include never invest more than you can afford to lose -
Tangem cards are neat, lets people feel the similarity of traditional payment options.

P.S. I have paid with ADA and love doing so, I have assisted someone by sending it to them and tbh crypto is my favorite form of payment.