Rebalancing of Cardano Foundation Wallets for Global Impact Challenge

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The Cardano Foundation launched our second Global Impact Challenge at the Cardano Summit in November last year in collaboration with Switzerland for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). As part of the collaboration, Switzerland for UNHCR will launch a charity stake pool run by Taurus with stake delegation by the Cardano Foundation of 3.5 million ada.

To support this challenge we said we would rebalance our ada across our 45 existing wallet addresses and create a 46th wallet dedicated to the UNHCR stake pool. We can now confirm this has been completed. After an equal rebalancing of the funds from the existing 45 wallets (77,780 ada from each wallet), this new wallet now holds 3.5 million ada. Visit to get a real-time representation of the wallets.

This rebalancing of our wallets will not impact our normal delegation strategy, which focuses on supporting the architects of the future.


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The address of that new wallet is: Stake Key 4d8b406aa3e89f7e44617beabc9f7a1b41b898d40143ee4f952372df - Cardanoscan

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