Recap: Marlowe Webinar June 3rd 2021

Great overview of intro concepts and excellent break-out session after!

Drake Monroe

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Marlowe webinar added many more tools to anyone’s toolbox, expanded the possibilities for idea creation, and the dimension of what can be done; i.e. the idea that NFTs can embed smart contracts blew my mind. This webinar achieved the intended objectives of facilitating the understanding of DeFI, transactions, smart contracts, Marlowe, what a transaction and a smart contact are, what a SC is not, and how to put it together using any of the multiple languages that interphase with Haskell as the language source, using Marlowe or even blockly.
In addition, The notes on the chat timely provided by Kerry de Jong allowed the participant to connect even more and make sense of the information presented by Dr Willi Brammertz, Shruti Appiah, Prof Simon Thomson and the other members of the team.
Lastly, the feedback and networking session was great.


I received some valueable feedback on questions I asked during the breakout sessions. Prof Simon Thomson and developer Alex Nemish gave direct and helpful answers to my questions regarding Cardano blockchain integrations I want to build. I was impressed that this kind of direct communication with IOHK is provided at no cost. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to connect and I am looking forward to the next webinar.