Recap: POA held an online Meetup!


POA recently held an online meetup on 22nd May 2020 and it’s safe to say it was indeed a successful meetup :))

Firstly, I believe it’s expedient to start by introducing POA :slight_smile:

Proof of Africa (POA) is a stakepool [ticker: PROOF] which represents Africa in the Cardano ecosystem. You can think of it as a stakepool-based adoption driver based in Africa. We want to contribute to the bootstrap of Cardano in Africa. For a start, we are currently organizing events to educate people about Cardano in Nigeria( where I currently reside) then we will progressively extend our activities to the rest of Africa. We have created several guides which have been used by hundreds of Cardano community members to create their stakepools, and experiment on the ITN#StakeWithAfrica -POA

Our recent meetup last week had over 20+ people join from across the world. Participants came from Namibia, Germany, Malaysia, Nigeria , Australia, USA, UK, Belgium, Colombo and even Vanuatu!! :slight_smile:
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It was very concise but impactful. Several participants have been able to launch their nodes and we sent free tAda to participants as promised for their stakepool registration (We had announced this prior to the event) We intended it to be a sort of added value/ incentives for joining the meetup. Additionally, it’ll interest you to know that we also have a telegram chat dedicated to supporting community members in case they need help setting up their pool.

We’d love to help you set up your stakepool :))

Here is our twitter summary :


Awsome write up and fantastic initiative thank you!

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Thank you buddy!

Good job guys! That is simply great!

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Thanks Ryan :slight_smile: Your support is greatly appreciated :muscle::muscle::muscle::heart:

another small but important win for team lower barriers to decentralisation!

is there a link to the recording?


No, unfortunately… Google Meet doesn’t allow you to record your conversations though the platform. If we organize a similar meet-up in the future, we will make sure to do it with a platform which allows it’s users to natively record the conversations.