Recap: Regulars Table (a meetup without great organizational effort)

Yesterday was the second regulars table in Stuttgart organized by @Token_414.
(You want to participate a the next regulars table? Here is the Telegram Group.)

I want to use this post as a recap and as promotion for a special meetup model with much less effort for the organizers.

A regulars table is more a relaxed get-together and discussion than a firmly organized event.
It was organized via a simple request in the German-speaking Telegram Group.
The meetings were both held in a simple pub. The organizer just need to set a date and reserve a table in a pub. The questions and discussion topics come up directly among the participants without a prepared agenda. We always started with a little introductory round and the rest came by itself.


  • the organizer just need to set a date and organize a location
  • the organization can easily be taken by someone else
  • everyone can participate with his level of knowledge


  • It can be very different in the discussion topics and can deviate from Cardano

This model can be very easily used as a first step towards a official Cardano meetup group