Receive payment issue


Hey guys. I sent ADA from my Bittrex wallet to my Wraith wallet. I used a receiving address that has already been used when I guess I should have generated a new one. I see the transaction on the block chain but the ADA is not in my Wraith wallet. How do I get it into my wallet?
Bittrex said I need to do it from the receiving side and not the send side. Thanks for the help.

-Mike R


You sent Ada to a Verge wallet? Ada only works on the the Daedalus wallet . I’m not sure how to help you. What makes you think Wraith wallet supports Ada?


Cryptocurrency will only transfer from designated wallets for that specific currency to wallets that are designated for that specific cryptocurrency , lots of cryptocurrency out there nowadays so you need to double check your transfer addresses and be sure you are sending to the right address.


No sorry, I meant the Daedalus wallet. Funds came through. Took 2 days which is weird.


Geesh, Glad it worked out.


2 days is a long time,good thing you got the ADA to your wallet, I would have been very upset during the time it took, what do you think was the cause of the delay?