Recover dust from payment.addr (Minimum UTxO threshold) into another wallet or address

Hi All,

i have a couple addressees with Minimum UTxO threshold in ADA left over. Im wondering how i can recover all of these ADA / recombine these as UTXO inputs in another transaction. via cardano-cli.

i.e., how can i import or build another transaction using another address as an input (with more than the Minimum UTxO threshold) into a new transaction so i can recover the balance from this first address.

thanks all

I would simply send 2 ADA to each address containing dust, then sweep the wallets. I have a “sweep” script written in bash for cardano-cli for when you have some reasonable amount of ADA in the wallet to be swept, here: cardano-cli-token-transactions/ at main · artistulla/cardano-cli-token-transactions · GitHub
This only builds the tx and outputs it to a file ‘tx.raw’ which then can be signed, and lastly submitted…those scripts are also in that repo (it’s designed for an environment where your signing keys are “airgapped”)

Hi @artistulla , Thanks for that, ill checkout the scripts :wink:

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