Recovering wallet. Need HELP

Hi. My computer froze and there was no choice and I had to manufacture reset my wallet. I do know the recovery phase but don’t known the wallet name. I do know the public receiving wallet address. What do I do?

Hi, You only need to know the recovery phrase. Just reinstall the wallet and choose restore. You will enter your seed phrase and it will start re-syncing and searching the blockchain for your addresses. This process may take several hours so be patient and let the wallet finish. You can then rename the wallet whatever you like and please remember to set a new spending password. If you have any trouble please report back.

thanks for the fast reply so I can put any name on the wallet name as long as I put in the correct phrases?

yes the name is just to help you organize your wallets.

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Thank you so much… I didn’t name my wallet anything. I knew i had no choice to recover the wallet since my laptop broke but luckily I have my recovery phrase