Recovery code?

I’ve put in recovery code and have a zero balance now
Does anyone know the problem pls help


Recovery code for what? Which wallet?

More details pls


Yoroi wallet on iPhone

Vinnie Chandra

Yoroi app…I entered 15 word recovery and the balance is now zero?

Did u see any transactions in history?

Can u check one of ur receiving address here?

Do u see any records?


24 word sorry

24 words meaning u have a daedalus shelley wallet; did u tried to restore an now ur balance is 0 right?

Your wallet is full synced?

Yoroi wallet 24 words , I cut and pasted receiving into that search with no transactions ?

Vinnie Chandra

Your wallet is synced?

Sync with ledger ?

Vinnie Chandra

Man, u are not told me all details, if u have a ledger wallet u don’t need 24 seed words… just follow the steps


I’ll go to my laptop and sync with ledger then reply to you I appreciate your help very much

Vinnie Chandra

Yoroi wallet …ok I’ll try and let you know I’m new to this sorry

Vinnie Chandra

ok yoroi… when did you opened last time your wallet? it is a byron wallet? or a shelley wallet

It’s a Shelly wallet …the app was deleted on my phone then when I restored wallet I put in the 24 words and balance still zero , then it says “sync from blockchain “ and I did and still zero

Vinnie Chandra

ok, then you inserted the 24 seed words for ledger and is not ok…
in yoroi go to add wallet (shelley-era) - connect to ledger – and then insert your pin on ledger devices… and you should see the wallet on yoroi

if everythink is fine, now you can delegate… I will appreciate if you will support me

Not ok so far I have to chase up after work

Vinnie Chandra

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Loaded wallet correctly as per YouTube instructions, typed in 24 words and message now says synchronizing issues, when refresh screen still zero balance

But u have or not a ledger wallet?